Groundwater Systems and Hydrogeophysics

The sufficient availability of clean drinking water is a basic requirement of human life. Natural groundwater systems represent the most important drinking water resource. More



Geothermal Energy

“Geothermal Energy” is a topical research field aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of physical processes in geological formations suitable for geothermal exploitation and ... more


Terrestrial Sediment Systems

The aim of this topical research field is to gain extended knowledge about the structure, the genesis, and the age of continental sediment successions which are of Quaternary and Tertiary age ... more

Different subtopics:

  • Sediment Basins
  • Lake Sediments and Cave Sediments
  • Loess-  / Palaeosol Deposits and Peats

Research Boreholes in the LIAG

In the institute there is an annual budget account for research boreholes since the 1970ies. ... more

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