Geothermal Energy

“Geothermal Energy” is a topical research field aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of physical processes in geological formations suitable for geothermal exploitation and for advancing the commercial use of technologies for geothermal power generation and direct heat use.

The use of mainly emission-free geothermal heat, as a form of renewable energy, can contribute significantly in achieving the political objective of CO2 emission reduction and a resource-friendly energy supply. Geothermal energy can be used directly for heating or as process heat, as well as indirectly through conversion into electricity. In contrast to other renewable energies, the nearly inexhaustible geothermal energy supply is continuously available at any time of day and throughout the year and thus facilitates the production of heat and electricity for baseload consumption.

The model concepts and methods developed in this field of research are key to estimating and evaluating geothermal storage properties. They allow an improved pre-evaluation of possible geothermal sites and increase the reliability for the planning of future geothermal plants.