Gravimetry & Magnetics

Acquisition of new data in the research field "gravimetry & magnetics". From left to right: gravimetric measurements, base station for the registration of the Earth's magnetic field, determination of position and height of specific observations points using GPS.

The acquisition and interpretation of anomalies of the Earth’s gravity field (gravimetry) and the earth’s magnetic field (magnetics) represent fundamental tasks of applied geophysics. The relevant rock physical parameters are the density and the magnetization (susceptibility, remanent magnetization). Thus, these methods reveal complementary information to the reflection seismics method.

Our section applies gravimetry and magnetics primarily for the investigation of tectonical and geological structures, and this preferentially in the context of interdisciplinary research projects. Thereby the ambiguity of the interpretation of the corresponding datasets can be reduced. We have access to comprehensive data bases that comprise information for entire Germany. These data sets provide a unique basis for all studies on regional scales. In addition, for the investigation of local structures, regularly own high resolution measurements are carried out with modern equipment. Established commercial software products are available for the analysis of these data. If sophisticated processing methods are missing, methodological developments are carried out.