Modelling and Inversion

The research field deals with the development of modelling and inversion algorithms, mostly on the basis of Finite Element discretizations of the subsurface. It is applied to the methods in the section (ERT/IP, GPR, surface NMR and inductive electromagnetics) and tries to combine them. Some developments have a direct relation to the topical research field "Groundwater Systems", others are important for the strategic concept of the section.

Projects in the research area


Main objective of the joint research project DESMEX (Deep Electromagnetic Soundings for Mineral EXploration) is the development of a semi-airborne (both ground and airborne sensors) exploration concepts for ore deposits in depths of up to 1 km.Details


Aim of the project is the development of a structurally coupled inversion algorithm for the two-dimensional subsurface imaging using nuclear magnetic resonance and electrical resistivity measurements. Details


Aim of the project is the development of an inversion algorithm for magnetic resonance measurements with the incorporation of structural information from ground penetrating radar for improved hydrogeophysical imaging. Details

Publikations (Selection)

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Contact Person

Dr. Thomas Günther

 +49 (0)511 643-3494

Project team

Raphael Rochlitz
Nico Skibbe
Dr. Mike Müller-Petke
Dr. Jan Igel

Partner and Collaborations

University of Leipzig
Goethe-University Frankfurt
Research Center Jülich
ETH Zurich
TU Berlin