Luminescence Laboratory

We have 6 automated Risø readers for dating sediments; 2 TL/OSL-DA-15, one with single grain attachment, and 4 TL/OSL-DA-20; 3 of them are equipped with pulsed OSL attachment (one also with Photon Timer and one with radioluminescence and XRF) and the other has a stand-alone pulsing box.

Quartz samples are stimulated with blue LEDs emitting at 470 nm and OSL signals are detected through a UV filter (passing between 280 and 380 nm). Feldspar samples are stimulated with IR LEDs emitting at 870 nm and IRSL signals are detected through a combination of blue filters (between 380 and 460 nm).

Quartz is used to date young sediments ranging from few years to ~100 thousand years. Feldspar is mainly used for dating older sediments up to ~ 300 thousand years.

Luminescence Laboratory


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