Teaching and promotion of young scientists

Promotion of young scientists

The Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics offers various possibilities for further education. You can carry out a school or study practical in one of the research sections of our Institute. Similarly, under- and postgraduates, and post-doctorates can take part in an interesting support programme for young scientists or work at LIAG as part of their own research.

Student practicals

Together with university partners, we offer student practicals in the field of activity of LIAG. In this way you can learn applied geophysics at an early stage in your career and work on the latest issues.


At LIAG we work on a variety of research fields with a large range of methods (e.g. seismics, borehole geophysics, geothermal potential, geochronology, geophysical potential, rock physics, geoelectrics). Together with universities, PhD students can work in our research groups to obtain their degree.


If you, as a school-goer or student in a natural science or engineering field, are interested in a practical or work experience at LIAG, and still do not know a contact person, apply by post, or per email, to the address below. Please include the following details/documents, so that we can place you within the LIAG according to your requirements:

  • a cover letter with information concerning your field of specialization (including proof of study), areas of interest, your availability and the timing of the practical, possible contact persons at LIAG
  • c.v. including language and IT experience

Further information can be obtained:

Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics
Secretary: Frau Kmet
Stilleweg 2
30655 Hannover
+49 (0) 511 643-2302