Section 1 - Seismics ~ Gravimetry ~ Magnetics

The section 'Seismics ~ Gravimetry ~ Magnetics' develops and uses seismic, magnetic, and gravimetric to investigate the subsurface structure and to understand the dynamics of the Earth's crust. In particular we especially focus on the uppermost kilometres of the crust that can be anthropogenically influenced or used. This part is economically and ecologically very important for human habitation. For this reason, we investigate this part of the crust in terms of its structures, the physical properties that describe them, and the processes generating and influencing them.

Our thematic research fields are:

Structure Analysis & Deformation Modelling and


as well as the methodical research fields

Seismic Sources & Measuring Techniques and

Gravimetry & Magnetics.

Our goal is to investigate geological sequences and fault systems in the subsurface with high-resolution seismic methods; in particular below sealed surfaces or for subrosion processes. For that purpose, new, unconventional measuring systems are developed until readiness for market and tested under different geological situations. Applications are supplemented by magnetics and gravimetry, and range from 3D basin analysis to the borehole scale, including the temporal variation of processes. Thereby, our understanding of a system should enable us to make predictions for the future.

Staff of the section S1 at the 2016 meeting at our branch office in Grubenhagen.

Section leader (provisional)

Dr. G. Gabriel

Dr. Gerald Gabriel
 +49 (0)511 643-3510