Interpretation of Potential Field Data

The interpretation of potential field anomalies – Bouguer anomalies, anomalies of the earth's total magnetic field – is usually carried out by the application of mathematical methods for the separation of different disturbing bodies and two-and three-dimensional model calculations. We investigate regional issues as well as questions which can be answered with microgravimetric measurements. In the future, especially in the field of applied gravimetry, we will also analyze dynamic processes in terms of mass displacements by time-lapse observations. Initially, this will be done with respect to the development of sinkholes and hydro (geo) logical processes.


Gravimetrische Vorwärtsmodellierung eines Salzstocks (nach Gabriel & Rappsilber, 1999). Dargestellt ist ein beliebiger Schnitt durch ein 3-D Untergrundmodell.

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Gerald Gabriel

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Martin Kobe

Detlef Vogel

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Wolfgang Weitmüller